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New tyre for Lood de Kloot

Today I put a new tire on Lodi's bike, better known as rapper Lood de Kloot. A few years ago he became more than locally known with Kom Uut Kuuk Gek, but there is more to be found on his Youtube channel. ...
Tuesday 07 July, 2020
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Air Force Days

If you live in Cuijk, Volkel is a stone's throw away. And that's what you'll hear. The Dutch Air Force Days on 14 and 15 June 2019 at Volkel Air Base attracted more than 240,000 interested parties. That's considerably more than the Dutch Air Force Day on June 3, 2015 in Hawija, Iraq. There were many...
Thursday 20 February, 2020
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After 50 years reunited with your bike

In 1960, 16-year-old Ken Orpe from Derby, England, started his first job. His idol was cyclist Tommy Simpson, his dream was a racing bike from the English manufacturer Mercian. After three years he had saved enough. In 1963 he bought a brand new King of Mercia, hand-built by Mercia...
Sunday 01 September, 2019
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The ill-considered fight against bicycle theft

Two and a half years ago I was able to take over a small but well-known bicycle shop on the Willemsweg in Nijmegen. Since then I go to work every day with pleasure. As a one-pitter bicycle mechanic you also have to deal with the suffering that bicycle theft causes. A bicycle is more than a piece of iron: j...
Monday 11 March, 2019
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